belgian sculptor



-Salon Milan -Italy (1996)

-Salon Art Gala, -Bel Brussels (1996)

Personal exposition in the BBL bank -Bel Brussels (1996)

-private Jonathan -Bel Enghien (2002)

-Salon D'art and antiquity, -Bel Brussels (1996)

-Cité Art, Ecaussinnes -Bel (1999-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013)

Personal exposition at the mill Aremberg, Rebecq -Bel (2001-2003-2009-2010)

-Salon D'art and antiquity, Charleroi - Beautiful (1998)

-Florilège -Bel The castle of Enghien (2003)

-Espace Oekeghem, St -Bel Guislain (2004)

-Salon Talent -Bel Brussels (2005)

Personal exposition in Codroipo invited by the city-It (2005)

-Salon Classica, -Bel Kortrijk (2005)

-Salon Europeen at Casino Spa -Bel (2007)

-Salon Art Event, -Bel Antwerp (2007)

-Reçu Cultural merit -Bel Rebecq (2008)

-Salon Linéart, -Bel Gent (2009)

-Guest Of honor of Rotary event, -Bel Obourg (2011)

--Evenement Facing the castle of Burgundy in Estaimbourg -Bel (1 February to 23 February 2014)

Public works:

· "School girls" Street station in Braine-le-Comte -Belgique (1996)

· "Girl with umbrella" in Codroipo-Italy (2005)

· "Children" in a hospital for children -Swiss (1998)

· "Claire" commune of Saint -Belgique Guislain (2004)

· "Three children" roundabout at the motorway exit -Belgique Rebecq (2009)

· "Gamin has the ball" Roundabout Trieu street wood -Belgique Rebecq (1996)

· "Betchard" instead of -Belgique Tubize (2006)

· "Little girl" roundabout Corporal Trésignies to Bierghes -Belgique (2011)

· "Girls on the wheelbarrow" roundabout Faubourg -Belgique in Quenast (2011)

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